(Ages 2-5 years)


Welcome to Camp Northwood; a traditional summer camp providing fun-filled summer adventures for young children ages 2-5. This Play and Learn program introduces a wide range of delightful and age-appropriate topics and activities designed to promote creative play and imagination, build social skills,
and teach interesting facts along the way.

We offer exciting themes designed by our experienced R.E.C.E. teachers and educators, who also run the camp. Each theme includes art, music, crafts, science, cooking, dramatic play and more. We include indoor and outdoor activities to keep our campers immersed in active fun including our Playball Coach who visits every week. We invite special visitors such as Musical Specialists and our Magical Magician to keep our campers entertained throughout the summer. We will be going on special outings with the whole Northwood family to FUNtastic Forest and to Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park to help make this summer a fun and memorable one! Our goal is to send our campers home happy each day with lots to share and eager to come back the next day!



Summer is here! Let us welcome the heat with fun activities under the sun that will get us excited for Summer! We will run through sprinklers and build     sandcastles. We will go on a bug hunt, have a picnic under the trees, and make smoothies and freezies.  We will sing songs around the campfire and then put on our botanist hats and discover flowers that bloom in the summer. Silly Steve and our amazing Soccer Coach will help blast our summer off to an amazing start. What an exciting way to welcome the summer at Camp Northwood!


DESERT OASIS - July 16-27

It’s sizzling HOT in the desert! What, and who lives there? Let us wander, and uncover fun facts about life in some of the hottest deserts on earth. We will talk about the friendly camels and learn how they live, and figure out how plants survive in such heat. We will create our own cactus using different materials, and beautiful colored sand bottles to take home! The highlight will be a visit to FUNtastic Forest to explore the many tunnels and mazes! With treasure hunts, sandcastle building and more, what’s not to love? Are we ready? Let’s go!

COMMUNITY HELPERS - July 30- August 10 (no camp August 6th)

What’s a community without community helpers?  Let’s welcome our local heroes who help and protect us. We will get up close and personal with visits from our fierce firefighters, our tireless paramedics, some dedicated  nurses and responsible crossing guards.  We will get to know more about what it takes for them to keep our community safe. Let us give our community heroes a hip, hip, hooray! We will then dance along to the beating drums from Mystic Drumz!


WILDLIFE SAFARI - August 13-24

Hold on to your hats as we go on a wildlife adventure! Roaring Lions,  Talking Parrots, Gliding Pythons, Crawling Tarantulas - we will be jumping into the world of Jungle  Animals! Come along as we discover the different habitats of     mammals, reptiles and birds and the secrets of jungle life through crafts, science activities, fun songs and visitors. Then mark your calendar as we invite you to join us for our long-standing tradition of going on a Northwood family trip to visit the Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park. It will be a fun way to end our summer camp with a thunderous roar!






(Ages 6-10 years)





Welcome to Northwood’s unique and fun-filled summer program, designed specifically for school-age students (ages 6-10) to have lots of fun while enhancing skills in Math, Science, Language and Research! 

This summer, we will explore the big world of Natural Resources and Our Ecosystem. Along with our theme-based fun activities, daily practice in reading, writing, and individual and group projects will be important parts of the program.  


Creative indoor and outdoor play, crafts, music, drama, cooking, educational trips, and entertaining   visitors will fill our days at Camp Discovery.  We will be hosting special outings with the whole    Northwood family to FUNtastic Forest, and to Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park to make our camp even more memorable. We are looking forward to an exciting summer filled with ‘funtastic’ adventures with your children!






Join us as we uncover Mother Nature’s gifts of Natural Resources, including   Water, Wind, Solar Power, Petroleum and Biomass. These serve as significant stepping stones for the improvement of our civilization. We will start our journey by diving into Water, rolling in the waves and discovering it’s many wonders; from how it  generates electricity to becoming an agent of wild fun! We will visit our  local sprinkler park to cool off from the summer heat and find out how water can be a strong force of nature!






We continue our journey by exploring Wind and Gas. Through meaningful activities and rich discussions, we will begin to uncover powerful concepts of wind. We will create our own kites and take a visit to Gibson House Museum to learn more about domestic living in the 1900’s. We will embrace the summer heat by learning the importance of the biggest star, the Sun! We will dig further into the many roles heat plays in our daily lives through fun experiments and activities. We will take a visit to our local Pizzeria to  discover how heat helps cook our food! Northwood will have a special outing to FUNtastic Forest where our campers can enjoy crawling through the many tunnels and mazes.



NATURAL RESOURCES – July 30-August 10 (no camp August 6th)


Let’s dig into the sparkling and mysterious world of Petroleum, Minerals and more. Natural treasures are waiting to be discovered! Campers will learn how precious minerals are excavated and turned into useful materials in society; or even into marvelous works of art. We will visit Zion Schoolhouse to learn how people in the olden days utilized natural resources in their daily lives. When we investigate Biomass (organic matter used as fuel), we will learn how food can play different roles in our daily lives; from satisfying our hunger to generating energy. We will take a visit to our local grocery store and experience what happens to leftover organic produce and how this waste is categorized, sorted and handled. 



After weeks of exploring our natural resources, we come full circle by delving into our Ecosystem and how Pollution affects it. By researching different types of pollution, we will learn how all parts of Mother Nature are connected and dependent on one another. We will discover how pollution has negative effects on our world, and how we can play a role by learning simple and helpful ways to protect our environments. An outing to Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park will show us how animals rely on their habitats to live. How better to end our summer camp than with a thunderous roar!





waiting for YOU!